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--- 13/07/2022 -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Quand une cliente américaine vous laisse ce genre de commentaire sur Linkedin, on se dit qu'il est bon, décidément, de mettre autant de cœur que de science à l'ouvrage !


When a client writes you a comment of this dimension on Linkedin, we say to ourselves that it is really a very good thing to put as much HEART as science to the work!

--- 8/07/2022 -------------------------------------------------------------------------



IT'S ALWAYS A GREAT HAPPINESS and an unforgettable moment of sharing! This time, KLR GENEALOGISTS ASSOCIATES had the privilege to guide two American clients, two American clients to the land of their ancestors, in the heart of the Territoire-de-Belfort.


After a long work of genealogical research, we had prepared a very attractive program: commented visit of the church, moment of meditation at the cemetery, meeting of the current owners of the family house (they allowed access to photos of the house as it was in the 1970s!). 


After having tasted some local culinary specialties in a nearby restaurant, we were awaited at the Archives Départementales for a great moment: the clients were able to hold in their hands a document which is in a way the FOUNDING ACT OF THE AMERICAN BRANCH OF THE FAMILY: the notarial deed by which, one day in January 1830, the primo-migrant couple from whom they are directly descended, sold all of their property before boarding a ship for the United States - and prosper there!

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